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Helping homeowners move easily

We help you buy and sell your house with less friction. No double mortgages. Just one move.
Move Forward

You're ready to move.
We're here to help.

As a homeowner, buying a new home while living in your current home is way more complicated than it should be.

Vacating your house, staging it, finding an interim place to live, securing financing for the new home while carrying a mortgage on the current home — it can be stressful and even overwhelming.

We're here to make it easier.
Move on your timeline

Shop for a new home on your timeline. Move out of your current home, directly into your new one. No temporary housing required.

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No up-front costs

We only make money when your home sells on the open market. Our fee is a small, flat percentage of the sale price. You never pay us up-front or out of pocket.

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Choose your own team

We can help connect you with real estate agents we know well. Or you can use your own. The choice is yours.

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Finance first, sell later

We make an offer on your current home, which you can take to the bank to secure financing for a new home. Then you can shop for your dream home with confidence.

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Our Approach

How it works

You shop for your new home. We make the rest easy.

There are no upfront costs. We are not iBuyers or home flippers. We want to help you move into a new home without the headache, while still getting the maximum value for your home on the open market.
First we make an offer to buy your house from you, which you can use to secure bank financing for a second home without paying off your first mortgage.
Then the fun part - you shop for your new home! No moving out, no fees.
When you find a new home to buy, everything happens concurrently in escrow: you buy your new home and we buy your current home, and you move just once.
We pay for your house in two parts, the first of which gets sent just before close of escrow. That first payment is a portion of the value of your current home, and enough to pay off your existing mortgage and close on your new home.
After you move to your new home, we help sell your current house on the open market with any agent you choose, or we can help you find a great agent at no extra cost to you.
When it sells, we send you the second payment - which equals whatever the home sells for, minus the first payment, our fee and the typical closing costs (agent fees, escrow fees, etc.).
You never pay us up front. You never pay us out of pocket. Like your real estate agent, we are only paid after your home sells, and our fee is a small, flat percentage of the home’s final sale price.

You probably have a few questions.

These are a few of the most commonly asked questions. See our FAQ for more.

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