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A new way to buy and sell your home

Catapult Homes spun out of a Bay Area family business in real estate lending. While working alongside his dad closing loans for real estate purchases, Ankur saw an opportunity to simplify the process of selling one's home while also buying a new one.

We are bringing decades of experience from the finance and technology industries - along with our adviser's thirty year track record in real estate lending - to build a new kind of real estate business that simplifies home ownership. Our goal is to empower homeowners to buy a new home without a double move or double mortgage.

About Us

Ankur Luthra
Ankur worked in finance for over a decade, running his own investment fund for several years. Through his family's real estate lending business he's seen first-hand the wide range of challenges people face when selling and buying homes. Ankur studied computer science at UC Berkeley, was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford and has an MBA from Harvard Business School.
Broker, DRE#01789883
Betsy Masiello
Betsy worked in tech for over a decade, building and leading global policy teams at Google and Uber. As a homeowner herself, she sold her home and moved into "temporary" housing for over a year while she looked for a new one.  Betsy studied computer science at Wellesley College, was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford, and has a graduate degree in technology policy from MIT.

Ravi Luthra
Ravi left the tech industry thirty years ago to build a better real estate lending company than any that existed at the time. In the thirty years since then, he built a lending business that has grown steadily on word of mouth alone, thanks to his many happy clients. He has invested hundreds of millions of dollars over hundreds of real estate deals in the Bay Area.

We believe in simplicity.

Personalized service
We’re here to help you, the homeowner. We get to know each customer we work with and are focused on ensuring each transaction we help with is seamless for the homeowner.  
Timely response
Nothing drives us crazier than waiting days and even weeks to hear back from service providers. Our aim is to respond to all customer inquiries within 24 hours.   
Transparent costs
Since you’ve bought a home before, you know how many fees and costs often surprise homeowners later. Not with us. We are direct and up-front on our fee: it’s a flat percentage of the final sale price for your home, with zero up-front costs.

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