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Move to a new home. Keep your low property tax.

You wisely bought a home in the Bay Area years ago - now, that home is worth multiples, and your property taxes are low.

Maybe you've thought about moving — downsizing, trading up, moving closer to family — but even buying a new home of equal or lesser value would mean much higher property taxes.

Thanks to the newly passed Proposition 19, you may have much more freedom and flexibility to take your existing property tax bill with you and move to a home of any value, anywhere in California.

Catapult can help, making it easy for you to access the equity in your home and move on your terms. All with no up front costs and a simple and fast process.
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    Move anywhere in California and take the taxable value of your existing home with you to your new home.

Catapult and Prop 19

The new law makes some great changes to help those who are over the age of 55 or disabled, allowing much more flexibility to move and keep your low property taxes.

You can move up to 3 times, anywhere in the state of California, to a home of any value, and take the taxable value of your current home with you!

Catapult can help
. We help you access the equity in your current home to buy your new home. You don’t need to move out of your current home until you have bought and moved into your new home. And all while getting your current home to be listed on the open market.

Here’s how it works:
First we make an offer to buy your house from you, which you can use it to secure bank financing for a second home without paying off your first mortgage.
Then the fun part - you shop for your new home! No moving out, no fees.
When you find a new home to buy, everything happens concurrently in escrow: you buy your new home and we buy your current home, and you move just once.
We pay for your house in two parts, the first of which gets sent just before close of escrow. That first payment is a portion of the value of your current home, and enough to pay off your existing mortgage and close on your new home.
After you move to your new home, we help sell your current house on the open market with any agent you choose, or we can help you find a great agent at no extra cost to you.
When it sells, we send you the second payment - which equals whatever the home sells for, minus the first payment, our fee and the typical closing costs (agent fees, escrow fees, etc.).
You never pay us up front. You never pay us out of pocket. Like your real estate agent, we are only paid after your home sells, and our fee is a small, flat percentage of the home’s final sale price.

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